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Music clearly is one of the most important and essential goods heritage of humanity that all civilizations. It's hard to find a culture in which really would not be present. Famous musicians and composers give different reasons for the music constantly in our lives. We, on the other hand, using quotes from mean outstanding creative and artists, we provide 6 subjectively selected reasons. Certainly many date had its successful end, with selected biorhythms. love that trigger positive emotions in people, and a faster heartbeat. The magic sound of the saxophone, slow motion and heart rate in harmony with the sounds. All of this makes us a unique mood, which undoubtedly creates better conditions for to love truly blossomed. Leo Tolstoy music called cold feelings. Considered it a kind of "shortcut" that allows you to use the notation to express more than words. Specifically develops different areas of the brain, which in turn translates into increased efficiency and better functioning. Perhaps the fundamental laws of physics today would remain unexplored, if not for the love of Albert Einstein to play the violin. Going so on the advice of the known singer Katarzyna Nosowska, well is not narrow your music to one genre. Lover of music glorifies her many faces. The effect of music on the child's development for many years is the subject of research psychologists. Their results lead to one conclusion: let the little ones to a variety of songs, because children develop better music! Joyful sounds can lower blood pressure and relax the muscles baby, while for example. instrumental music to its immune system. Professionals recommend to add in kids especially classical music.