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Why not just to parents with children, included the videos or even audiobooks? Why children need a common, loud reading? Below we've collected 20 reasons why you might want to read to children. 20 reasons that reading to a child is one of the greatest gifts we can give to our children. By reading your child attend to his emotional needs – what you won't do for us computer or television. When reading we are close, we cuddle a child, we are looking at not with love, we give him time. In an understandable for him the way a parent's conduct passes to him: "I love you and you are very important to me". It is thanks to sense that it is important and loved, the baby blows, starts to build up self-confidence, kindness, empathy, social skills. My last argument is a way to boredom. Reading and a useful and pleasant those time. You can read almost everywhere, even the time in queue to the doctor, you can pleasantly spend. The book is also an excellent way to long winter evenings. First-book to stimulate the mind. From the psychological point of view, the reading is a much more demanding than analysis or speech. Absorbs at the same time, many areas of the brain, which are responsible for vision, language and conceptual associations. Imagination and promotes concentration. In addition to this gives you more time to think. Slipping your eyes after a piece of, at any time, you can stop over the part that requires reflection. While watching a movie or listening to conversations, much harder for such a pause. Reading helps wake up the imagination and emotions, while also reducing stress levels by as much as 68%. Therefore the book work positively on our sleep, mute after a long, busy day. Deepen the knowledge, expand vocabulary and eloquence, podbudowując with self-confidence and positively affecting not only personal but also professional. Reading also reflected on the relationship with the other man, in fact, increased empathy and ... adds sex appeal! People who spend a lot of time to read, play puzzle games or solve puzzles, longer also the freshness of mind and are better protected against diseases such as Alzheimer's or dementia. Reading absorbs, in fact, more areas of the brain than other entertainment. Lovers of books they also have better memory.